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Guy Lyons


location: Lubec, Maine - Easternmost town in USA

DOB: 5/17/53

Onset: JRA age 7 to 16 / Still's age 36

Other conditions: Bipolar, heart attack

Surgeries: right knee, spur

Meds: Aspirin, Relafen, Zantac, others for heart & bipolar

Occupation: disabled electronics tech/manager - ran the
                     Northwood Corporation until disabled.

Family: Guy II age 16, Emily age 11

Activities: Member several advocate groups for disabled
                     Very active on internet when able. Beach
                     walking, dreaming, electronics, planning
                     for the day when I can start my business again.

Darren McCarthy

Email Address:\

Location:      Victoria, Australia

Birthdate:      30th September, 1962

Date of Onset/Diagnosis:    Onset  31 October, 1998     Diagnosis - ongoing

Other Illnesses/Health Conditions:    None

Any Surgeries as a result of Stills:     None

Current Medications:      Prednisolone 7.5mg    Panadeine (codeine)

Occupation:     Builder

Family:      Wife of 11 years - Jennie.     3 children, son Luke age 7˝,

                   daughter Jaimie age 5, and son Ryan age 2˝.

Favorite Activities:    Golf (not able to play at the moment)  Computer, 

                                    Spending time with my kids.


       Michelle Lorenz


Location:  Corona, California

Birthdate:  2/17/64

Date of onset/diagnosis:  April 1999/July 1,1999

Other illnesses/health conditions:
Fibromyalgia,Osteoporosis,Osteoarthritis,Narrowing of hip,knee and
shoulder joints.

any surgeries as result of Still's:  None

Current meds:  
Celebrex,Fosomax,Magnesium,Ultram,Phenergan,Premarin,Elavil,Zantac, methotrexate in November 99

Occupation:  OB-Tech (on disability and looking for new profession due to Still's)

Family:  Married to Gary for 17 years.  2 lovely daughters Shannon 16,
Stephanie 13

Favorite activities: Reading, going to the beach, quilting,cross stitch,
spending time with the family.



MacR.jpg (29081 bytes)

Mac with his Border Collie, Robbie



Location: Eden, NC

Current Medication: Vaseretic, Persantine, Asprin, Celebrex, Questran,

Onset: March 1997 to April 1999,  Have been in remission since April

Other health problems: main ones are osteoporsos, artifical knee

Surgery as a result of Still's: None

Occupation:  Retired from the DuPont Co. was a Techinacil Assistant

Family:  My wife Cathy, two sons, 3 grandchildren and a Border Collie

Family Activities: Church, Cook-outs, Travel, just fun being together

Activies and Clubs: Volunteer with the Boy Scouts (40 years), Board of
Directors of Community Christian Ministries, Chairman of Board of
Trustees, Piedmont diving and Rescue Association

Hobbies: Boating, Fishing, SCUBA Diving, American History                                      (espically,War Between the States), Stamp Colecting, Shotgun Shooting

Jerry Morrison


Location: Eagle Point, OR.

Birthdate: 10/25/48

Year of onset: 1995 Diagonsis: Aug. 1998

Other Diseases/ Health proublems: Pleuropericarditis and Atrial Fibrillation.

 Surgeries related to Stills: Pericardial window to help drainage and for testing.

Current Meds: Folic acid, Methotrexate,prednisone, Axid, Norpace, Lasix, Calcium, Asprin, Potassium, Atenolol Vit.-E, Darvocet, Celexa, Vioxx and sometimes Coumadin and Lanoxin

 Occupaton: I was a Construction Supperintendent untill 1998. Now I am on  SSI Dis.

Family: Wife Debra of 30 yrs.4 Sons.3 maried.1Daughter maried, 6
grandkids with 3 on the way.

Favorite Activities: Spending time with my wife and family. Riding my
horse comes after them.


Anne Hege


Location: Aberdeen, Idaho

Birthdate: 7/26

Date of Onset/Diagnosis: Onset -- 5/99  -- Diagnosis None firm; "probable" stills - 9/99

Other Health Conditions: none

Surgeris due to Still's: none

Current Meds: Naproxyn

Occupation: Teacher

Family: Husband,  three adult children

Favorite Activities:  Reading, computer, learning foreign languages, traveling, family getting together


Rio Davis


Location:Hyde Park, Utah


Date of Onset/Diagnosis:November 1998

Other Health Conditions: No, perfectly healthy

Surgeris due to Still's: nope

Current Meds: Prednisone - 10 mg; Methotrexate 10 mg - weekly

Occupation: student

Family:  I am Rio's mom.  We have seven children.  Six boys and one girl.  Rio is our third boy.

Favorite Activities:    He used to love all sports and played on school and church teams.  Now he gets sick for a day after he plays

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