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Tom Kufahl

Founder of our Group

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Location:  Wausau, Wisconsin


Date of Onset: Diagnosis is 92 but suspected much earlier

Other Health Conditions:

Current Medications:



Favorite Activities:

Aaron Nelson



             Aaron's Cool Mustang!!!!!!!



Location:Kalispell MT


Date of Onset/Diagnosis:April of 84

Surgeries due to Still's: Left Hip tissue release,Right hip replacement, Both knees replaced also many muscle releases.  one revision done in Jan of 99 right knee. October 19 2000, Left elbow replacement.

Current Meds:Imuran, Celexa, Cyclobenzaprine, Vicodin.   



Favorite Activities:  Working on my websites, being with friends, Working on my 1966 Ford Mustang

My webpages:

Aaron Nelson
JRA World/Arthritis Insight

Check out my personal website

The World is getting smaller all the time-
share, live, laugh, never have to feel alone...


Finicia Murray Compton

Location:  Pikeville, Kentucky                                        
Birthdate:  03-02-78 wpe1.jpg (10261 bytes)

Year of Diagnosis:  February of 1998

Other diseases:  Avascular Necrosis

Surgeries as a result of still's:  Future total knee replacements

Current Medications:  Prednisone, Relafen, Plaquinel, Methotrexate,
Ultram, Calcium w/Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Folic Acid.

Occupation:  Full-time college student studying to be a Secondary Math

Family:  I am single.  I live with both, my Dad, Finis Compton, and my
mom, Linda Compton, and my sister, Crystal Compton.  I have one cat,
Baby.  I have a boxer bull dog, Sissy.

Hobbies:  Internet, used to love to shop, but my disease has kind of put
a damper on that, love to spend time with friends, love swimming,
sunbathing, relaxing in my jacuzzi, love math.


                                Richard Schwartz


                                               wpe2.jpg (3234 bytes)

Location: London, UK

Birthdate: 15/6/54

Year of Diagnosis or Onset: 1991

Other health conditions:  None

Surgeries as a result of Still's: splenectomy

Current Medications: prednsilone (5mg a day); azathioprine (100mg a day),
didronel (osteoporosis treatment course); penicillin (250mg 2xday)

Occupation: Financial journalist

Family: Married, 1 son (8), 1 daughter (5), 2 cats

Hobbies or Favorite Activities:
When time allows: music

                                  Kathi McDavid


Location:  Keller, Texas...Just north of Fort Worth

Birthdate:  Sept 4, 1960

Year of Diagnosis or Onset: 1990

Other diseases/health problems:   fibromyalgia, aquagenic pruritis, reynaud's syndrome

Surgeries as a result of Still's:  None

Current Medications: prednisone, prozac, claritin, zantac, klonapin, neurontin, ultram, Tylenol Arthritis

Occupation: Was Financial Analyst/Project Manager currently applying for long term disability

Family: Monte is my husband.  He is incredibly understanding and supporting of me.  We will be married 18 years this July.  Brennan is my 13 year old daughter who is really involved in acting and drama.  She is fabulous at it.  Drew is my 11 year old son who is 100% boy, yet takes the time to make sure his mother doesn't over do it. Ellie is our eight year old golden retriever. I don't know what we would do without her.

Favorite Activities: Spending time with my family and shopping on Ebay!

Jennifer Jay

Jenbirthday.jpg (28495 bytes)



Location:  Fort Rucker, Alabama   

Birthdate:  Feb 10,  1971

Year of Diagnosis/Onset:    Onset in Sept of 89,  Diagnosed in Sept of 90

Other diseases/health conditions:   Fibromyalgia, hypoglycemia,

Surgeries as a result of Still's:   Hip replacement in 93,  2 Revisions in 98   

Current Medications:    Enbrel, Zoloft and desiprimine for the fibromyalgia, Darvocet as needed for pain.

Occupation:  Office Assistant and this website (LOL), I was previously a travel agent. 

Family:  Wonderful Husband, Marcial.. 1 Golden Retriever, 2 cats

Favorite Activities:  Being with my husband and my dogs, riding four wheelers, riding horses when I can, Reading, Wolves, medical research, Web design (my latest project)

**In Memory of Kodi**   I miss him dearly

November, 2000


Kodi and Rocky in their Pool           Our last picture of Kodi, September 2000

June 1998

                               Amanda Rose Herzog


Location:  St. Inigoes, Maryland

Birthdate:  June 16, 1990

Year of Diagnosis or Onset:  February, 1996

Other diseases/health problems: None

Surgeries as a result of Still's: None

Current Medications: Methotrexate, Naprosyn, Folic Acid, Zantac

Occupation:  3rd grade student as of 1999 (end of school year)

Family: two cats, Tiger, Fluffy; one dog, Kato; 4 Birds
Mom  Tracey Herzog

Hobbies or Favorite Activities:
Reading, Writing, Karate, Piano

                                      Betsy Ashley


Location: Norwood.New York

Birthdate: March 24th

Year of Diagnosis or Onset: Onset 1993 diagnosis- March 1999

Other diseases/health problems:  None

Surgeries as a result of Still's: None

Current Medications: Celebrex, aspirin ,estrogen, Pepcid

Occupation: Hairdresser for 31 yrs- Beauty shop in my home

Family: Married- husband  Ken-postmaster Colton  Four children Two daughters Angela      and Amy, both  married and two sons- Keith and Bob- six beautiful granddaughters and
another grand baby on the way- pets- yes Lisha- a Shihtzu dog, three cats-
Tiffany ,Peaches and Manna

Favorite Activities: Hobbies are cooking- love new recipes,
crocheting and making teddy bears from old materials such as fur coats and
jackets belonging to relatives. Also we have a RV and enjoy going in that.

                                   amanda yee    



Location: columbus, OH


Year of Diagnosis or Onset:  98 

Other diseases/health problems:  None

Surgeries as a result of Still's: none

Current Medications: none

Occupation: student, activist, consultant and soon to be peace corps
volunteer (i hope)

Family: single, no pets, oldest of five

Hobbies or Favorite Activities: reading, walking, ballet, yoga, painting,
drawing, swimming, and dancing  
oh yeah.. and solving world food problems (just kidding)

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