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Carole Kupersmith


Location: Orlando, FL 32837

Birthdate: 7-10-52

Year of Diagnosis or Onset: 1999

Other diseases/health problems:    None

Surgeries as a result of Still's:  None

Current Medications: prednisone, celebrex, zoloft

Occupation: author, marketer, self employed, distributor for Tahitian Noni
juice, recruiter

Family: Married in Feb 2000 to Al, a fine, fine man who stood by me during an awful flare - He was better than I could have ever created on my own!

Hobbies or Favorite Activities:  Love movies, the water - swimming and the
beach, seminars, friends, and too much tv

Jane Mulloy


Location:  Ipswich, Massachusetts

Birthdate:  May 7, 1958

Year of Onset:  1998, Diagnosis:  1999

Other Diseases/Health Problems:  Previously diagnosed 11 years ago as
having fibromyalgia; although I never felt that was an accurate diagnosis.

Surgeries as a result of Still's:  none

Current Medications:  Methotrexate, Prednisone, Folic Acid, Tagamet,

Occupation:  Customer Service - Telecommunications company

Family:  Husband - Bob, 4 year old daughter - Casey

Hobbies:  Decorative painting, golf, walking, reading


                                 Nicholas Kroft


Location: Vernon B.C. Canada

Birthdate:April 2nd 1993

Year of Diagnosis or Onset: 1995

Other diseases/health problems: none

Surgeries as a result of Still's (i.e..joint replacements, or joint
repair):cortasone injections

Current Medications:methotroxate, prednisolone, cyclosporin

Occupation:growing up

Family:  Dad, Leonard Kroft, 8 month old sister

Hobbies or Favorite Activities:dinosaur


                                   Jackie Sparkes


                             Jackie's beautiful family

Location:       Devon, England.

Birthdate:      20.11.38

Year of Diagnosis or Onset:      1944

Other diseases/health problems:      None

Surgeries as a result of Still's:   Five hip replacements.

Current Medications:      Indomethacin

Occupation:      Art Gallery and picture framing retailer

Family: Husband, 2 daughters, 1 son, 5 grandchildren, 1 Golden Retriever, 2 cats.

Hobbies or Favorite Activities:Business, disability group organisation, art.

                                  Simon Mitchell

Location:Vienna Austria

Birthdate:10th July 1963

Year of Diagnosis or Onset:1971

Other diseases/health problems:  no

Surgeries as a result of Still's:  none

Current Medications:Preds

Occupation:Purchasing manager

Family:   married two boys James &  Daniel

Hobbies or Favorite Activities:Stocks, Cooking, Badminton

              Carol Brophy         


Location: Fairfield, CT


Year of Diagnosis or Onset:1994

Other diseases/health problems:  allergies developed since onset and chronic hives

Surgeries as a result of Still's:  n/a

Current Medications: 500 mg Lodine as needed

Occupation: Actress

Family:  Three children  ages 24, 21, 16.

Hobbies or Favorite Activities:
Rebound exercise (see,  fishing, reading,
plays, movies, friends.

                                  Shelby Hartmann


Columbus, Ohio


Onset: 5/91, actual Still's diagnosis: 12/97

Other problems:  various drug allergies

Surgeries as a result of Still's: Total Knee Replacement Sept. 99, 

Current Meds:  Enbrel, ibuprofen as needed

Occupation: Registered Dietitian- though not currently working

Family: Married 13 yrs, 2 sons (10 and 8)

Activities: Gardening, Cooking, Cleveland Indians baseball fan

                          Connie Hart


Location:Muncie IN


Year of Diagnosis or Onset:Onset 86,dxd 88

Other diseases/health problems::AVN, bowl obs

Surgeries as a result of Still's: 8  knee surguries no replacement yet

Current Medications:Methotrxate,Ansaid,Soma,Loratab,Demoral,Folic acid


Family: married,1 step daughter,1dog,3 cats

Favorite Activities: riding motorcycles have own harley davidson 883


                           Kelly McCoy


Location: 42 Osborn Road Normanhurst 2076, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA

Birthdate: 20/02/1979

Year of Diagnosis or Onset:  February 1998

Other diseases/health problems:  : NA

Surgeries as a result of Still's: NA

Current Medications: Methotrexate, Prednisone, Indocids

Occupation:  Information Technology, Computer Help Desk Support

Family  Single

Hobbies or Favorite Activities:  Dancing, reading, swimming, going to the movies, dinner with friends, going out with my family.

Having Still's Disease has changed my life so much over the past year and a half.  Not only physically,but emotionally and psychologically.  The relationships that I had with my family has only been strengthened by this challenging experience.  I found out that the people that I thought were my real friends turned out to be superficial and selfish people.  Others, that I least expected to so supportive have helped me so much during the long, tough and painful days have been sensational.  I know know myself so much better than before the onset of Stills.  I no longer take the same "crap" that people feel they can give me.  I think that after everything I've been through over the past year I deserve a lot better, which has really helped me to be more assertive. I am however, more impatient with people, especially when they tell me that they are feeling sick and all they have is a runny nose!!

I miss exercising the most.  I use to be a gym junkie and go running of an evening, dancing till 3 in the morning wasn't uncommon. 

I'm very optomistic about the future, however, I have just come to realise that I am never going to make a full recovery and be the same person I was 2 years ago.  This has been a very difficult realisation but with the help of everyone around me and this site I know I'll get there!

Patty Hackman


Location:  Scottsdale,   Arizona

Birthdate March 17, 1956

Onset:  1991- Age 34

No other illnesses

No surgeries related to Still's

Currnet Medications:   Methotrexate 7.5mg per week, Motrin, Atarax as needed, prednisone when flaring

Occupation:  Counseling Psychologist

Family:  John,   step-daughter Katie, 17

Favorite Activities:  Travel, sewing, gourmet cooking, reading, pottery, art museums, swimming, bicycling

And I have an excellent rheumatologist !!!  



Joshua Elijah Forde



Location: Maui, Hawaii, USA

Birthdate: April 5th, 1989

Year of Diagnosis or Onset: May, 1995

Other diseases/health problems:  as a result of long term prednisone use, Josh has osteoporosis and growth retardation.

Surgeries as a result of Still's: None yet. Hopefully, none will be needed!

Current Medications: prednisone(30mgs daily), hydroxychloroquine(100/200alternating days), methotrexate(15mgs weekly), indomethacin(25mgs twice per day), cytotec(100mcgs twice per day), folic acid(1mg daily, except on day of MTX dose), miacalcin(1 squirt nasal spray per day), and calcium supplements(500mgs daily). Sometimes iron, too.

Occupation: straight A student, soon finishing 4th grade.

Family: lives with his Mom Georgina and 8 year old Sister Kayla, and their pet birds, guinea pig, geckoes and lots of tropical fish. Visits with Dad.

Hobbies or Favorite Activities: drawing Japanese anime-type characters, playing video games, swimming and enjoying time at the beach, playing ukulele, marbles, computer games, caring for his pets, spending time with friends, browsing at the mall


           C Carver    




1990 ONSET  1994 DX






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