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Welcome to Stilligan's Island

Still's Disease is a rare and often misunderstood disease which
strikes both children and adults

The International Still's Disease Foundation was founded in the spring of 1999.  We wanted to bring together those who have been diagnosed with Still's Disease and provide them with support, information, and a chance to meet others with this disease.

     You can help us    

The Still's Foundation is keeping track of individuals who have been diagnosed with Still's Disease.  This information will help us in our efforts to raise awareness in the medical community and to promote research on Adult Still's Disease.

 Since we are a non-profit organization we rely solely on donations.  If you would like to make a donation to the Foundation please contact Carole Whaley

You can also help us raise funds when shopping online at  Amazon will donate a portion of every sale that is generated from the links of our website.  To shop at Amazon and help our foundation please visit Amazon through our BookNook



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Our founder, Tom Kufahl, created a mailing list for those with Still's Disease to communicate.  It has become the "heart" of our support group.  We encourage you to subscribe to the mailing list.  From there you will be able to email every person on the mailing list.  It is a wonderful source of support and information for those who are newly diagnosed.  It gives you a way to ask questions, tell your story, or if you need a friend. 

Click to subscribe to stillsdisease

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would you like to meet the Members of the Support Group

Join our Weekly Chat !!!

Please Join us For our Weekly Chats Each Thursday Night at 9:00 PM EST

Click here to Chat

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StillsNet is a publication of the latest news and research on Still's Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, Medicatins, and other Autoimmune diseases relating to arthritis

Click to subscribe to StillsNet

If you have any problems subscribing please contact Jennifer 

To view past articles click here

Do you have any questions about Still's Disease? 

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You can post them at our Message Board

    The First Annual Still's Disease Conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 2001

Sign up here for the Conference

We will be posting more info at a later date

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Do you have a child with systemic JRA?   Georgina (Josh's mother) has created a mailing list for especially for the parents.  She has also made a website for systemic JRA and it includes a history of her son's experience with Still's Disease.  It is a wonderful website with a lot of information so make sure you get a chance to visit it!

Click here to subscribe to JRA-list at Yahoogroups

Visit Georgina's Systemic JRA Page

Also Check out JRA World

This website was created to provide as much information about Still's Disease as possible.  You will find helpful medical information such as a guide to lab tests, guide to medications, alternative therapies, the latest research on Still's and other related autoimmune diseases. The site is frequently updated so please be sure to visit often.

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March 15, 2001

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        This website is dedicated in memory of  Carol Orr, Shelly Himes-Graffeo and Kate Frost. We miss them dearly

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