Hi, my name is Sheri and I'm typing a history about my mom; Honey, whose had Stills since the early 80's but believes to be in a remission now. She also believes she had it as a child but no one dx her. My mom; Honey, is 50 now and has bad days still where she will start taking steroids and then weans herself off. Once in a blue moon she takes nsaids for joint pain. Although she isn't completely rid of Stills - she doesn't have to take meds like alot of the members here on the site. When she gets a flu or if something brings on an attack - she has to start taking steroids right away but other than that she takes no meds what so ever on a regular basis.
    As a child she almost died because they gave her penicillin and found out she was allergic to it. Then in her adult life they once again gave her penicillin and almost died again, Well this brought on the worst attack I've ever seen. She ended up going from 130 pounds to almost 300lbs; from months of being in hospital bed with intravenous steroids. When they finally weaned her down I remember them giving her 29 steroid pills a day. I was young then but very scared my for my mom and I remember alot. Before this incident where they dx her with stills, she was told she had just about everything and her family doc told her she had RA. She was given quartazone shots all the time and gold treatments but nothing seemed to help. I remember when she couldn't even pick up a little tea cup. Even though it took a tragedy to find out what she had, atleast we know now and she deals with it herself.
    Well my mom is still very big from all this but atleast she is alive and well. We are not sure what happened after the hospital incident but she is a strong basicly healthy person today. So even though it might seem to be the end of your world - I just wanted to let you know that there is always hope.
    Thanks for reading and Take Care Honey & sheri

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