Ben Lynch


Finally came across your page with the wonderful help of Cat. I'm writing this for my son Ben who was diognosed with Still"s in 1995, when he was five.


Ben"s medication is presently Naprosyn 10mls twice daily
Folic Acid !mg once daily, Prednisone 10mg & 5mg alternate days, Methtrexate 25mgs once weekly (will have injections soon)
Losec 10mgs once daily, Jevity 1000mls x 120mls per hour


He requires gastrostomy feeding at night as he does'nt maintain his weight very well. Ben has been recovering from peunomia which set him back really badly. He has had three operations for multipule steroid injections and his hips are the biggest problem of all. We would like for his hips to be injected this year but as usual it's up to the Orthopods to decide that Ben has to wear hip to toe splints at night as well as hand rest splints both at night and during the day(if I can get him to keep them on)


We have a wonderful Rheumatologist called Dr Joe O'Callaghan with a wonderful heart and it's well known that Ben is a favorite with the Brisbane Hospital team, were working on Ben having regular visit to RCH(Royal Childrens Hospital,Brisbane) They really know how to handle him and getting what they want out of him (something I have learnt that I fail in miserably lol)


He's an excellant kid but suffers from deppression quite often but I refuse to put him on antidepressants  at such a young age.
Well I've finally touched base and really look forward to hearing from the Still"s team.If I can be of any help down here in sunny oz just let us now
Best Wishes to all
Karen and Ben

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