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Welcome to the Still's Disease Mailing List

Please read the "Code of Conduct" below before subscribing to the mailing list. 

Please  join our mailing list if you have this disease or want to learn more about Still's Disease by being in contact with others. At times it generates lots of mail, as being in touch really helps those of us who want to know other people with this disease.

To join the mailing list send an email to

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Please read the following Code of Conduct for the list:

The following is the Stills Disease "Code of Conduct". A few guidelines to make your communication with and between our members easier.

In the Interest of all of the Stills Disease Members, the "Board"  (named at the end of this page) felt that  a "code of conduct" be put in place so that we are all on the same page. ( so to speak) Members of our group also voiced their concerns, so, in response to that, here we are!

We have many new members, some new to computers, who may not know that there is such an animal as "netiquette". The following is meant to help new comers to the list as well as our senior members.

Please know that this does not mean we are attempting to stifle the caring and supportive environment that we have all come to rely upon. The list has grown so much in the last six months, and it has become obvious to everyone that in order to control the flow of mail, and get it going to the right people, some guidelines are needed. These are very basic. Please do your best to follow them, IF you have any questions or suggestions please e-mail one of the members named  at the end of this.

**Introduce yourself** when you are new consider posting a "Herstory" or "History" to the group, telling us about yourself, and your connection to Stills Disease. You don't have to introduce yourself right away, it's fine to sit back and read the posts and see how it all goes ( this is called lurking by the way)

** Always include a Subject line in your message** make the subject line meaningful. If you are replying to a message, but are changing the subject of the conversation, change the subject line to reflect that. Include enough of the original message to provide a clue as to context. Pay careful
attention to where your reply is going. Ask yourself if your reply is REALLY warranted!

** Some mail programs allow a signature** somewhere in the e-mail, perhaps you could use it to provide your personal E-mail address. Apparently there are some programs that don't show the address of the poster easily. To make it easy for everyone  add your addy to the post somewhere.

** Ignore Provocation** Reply by private mail to any message that irritates you. If you really can't follow that suggestion, then write a scathing letter to the poster ~ not to the group/list. While it may be satisfying to get outside support, caring an argument onto a discussion group or mailing list
is both impolite and uninteresting to most of the other participants.

** Use of all capital letters is generally interpreted as SHOUTING.

** Be courteous , handle disagreements privately.

** Use private E-mail if you want to write things like "I agree" or "good post" or "I liked your whatever" then send it directly to the other member. Use private E-mail basically for anything that is not of interest to the whole group.

** Above all else, remember that E-mail is about communication with other people, when you compose an E-mail read it over before sending it and ask yourself what your reaction would be if you received it!

** We cannot emphasize strongly enough, that no one wants to alter the wonderful information, support, laughter, and tears that this list has been built upon. We ask that you read over the code and govern yourselves accordingly. No one should create or have to receive painful and angry e-mail on a personal level. We're "still" here to read, and commiserate  or when we need to "vent", cause lord knows we need to do that too, but the list should be a caring place as well as informative.

We believe that we need to direct all of our energies in fighting the disease ~ not one another

Again , if there are any questions or problems, please contact any one of the Members named below>

Tom Pres and Founder
Beth Co. VP         
Carole  Co. VP      
Connie Sec/treas
Joyce   Director    


Thanks for joining our mailing list !!!!!!!

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