My first episode was in 92 at the age of 26 while working in the army reserve. This episode involved myocarditis/pericarditis, liver inflammation nutso fevers, the whole gamma and general wasting away of muscle. I came off this flare after 4 weeks in ICU and was treated with penicillin/aspirin/naproxen. I figure I naturally remised?

I regained my health but one year later I was hit again while training with he army in the summer months. It was this time that I was actually labeled with Stills and the doctors figured prednisone was the treatment of choice. I was put on a 6 month taper schedule starting at 60 mg. Again I had pericarditis, but it settled much quicker. After a year I was up and at it again (94). I was left on hydrocloroquine 200mg *2 daily and from here I was A1 and went back to university for a one-year, B.Ed an then off to Japan for three years until 98.

In the spring of 98 I had an ulcer and went off my hydrocloroquin for a few weeks (not wise). In July I was taking an intensive ESL course and got run down, a few people on the course got sick, me too, but like a Stills patient I kept getting sicker.. Again I had pericarditis, aches, weakness etc. . I was put on prednisone with a 3 mth taper (a different rheumatologist) I was feeling not bad at about Dec. and went to work teaching , this was too much and I began to get symptomatic again. However this time I began
to get typical symptoms of RA (my knees/elbows were full of fluid, then my wrists and fingers stiffened and at last my feet. This has never happened. So now I am on ydrocloroquin/prednisone20 mg, mtx 25 mg/wk by injection/naproxen. I have been on MTX for 8 weeks, my rheumy is suspicious and thinks it is not working as my feet and hands are still not responding, but my mind is clearer and I find I can concentrate.  I have remissed well in my first two bouts and I think that I am just waiting to remiss again, unfortunately it does not seem to be happening.
Needless to say I have done my share of suffering in all ways possible. I think this is what has finally driven me to make contact with the Stills group as I realize that the people in my life without Stills (for no real fault of their own ) can't really understand my frustrations, anger, fear, moods, and withdrawl from socialization and therefor a subtle drifting takes place as I go through periods of inactivity.

I am interested in hearing of any experiences with MTX or gold salts, i.e., time taken to kick in.  Take Care, MJ

Points of interest: I have had three flares to date and all were preceded by incidents of physical/mental stress) I had inoculations prior to a visit to Germany in 91 and for a meningitis epidemic in 91 as well. My cousin (female,23) on my mother's side also had inoculations the same year and came down with Giliam Barium *(sp.) disease that same year (she is doing well now prior to two of my flares I was put on antibiotics (just one month before the flare) once for a sore throat and once for an ear infection (I rarely use them)

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