Joyce Irving


My name is joyce irving i am 45 years old..still's hit me at age of 42,late winter started with me being tired all the time,started taking vitamins,thoug ht i just needed them..but no good..then the body ache and fevers of 102 every day..felt like the flu,,but no cold..was in the process of getting a breast bi opsy when blood test came back ,everything out of wack,,then all hell broke loose..had just about everytest you think of..liver biopsy,bone marrow biopsy,to ns of blood test,,even on called white-cell tag test..a scope in every hole and where there was no hole they made one :),

this went on until about oct doc we re going nuts,because the swelling did not start until then,,got sent to a the umy and when he checked all test and told me i had still's disease,i wanted .to jump into his arms,but did not have the strength. lost about 40 lbs, lost almost total use of left leg,tried non steroid approach,,but ended up with conjestive heartfailure,,so started 60 mg prednisone,plaquenil,lasix,prinivil,salsalate,prilosec.was out of work for 1 year.last year had to take 4 month s off.everything they try to get me off steroid..body says no..i had to cut ba ck at work,and as of last week my doc says she will fill out my disab papers,i have been fightning it..i went down to 5 mg ,low grade fevers and pain,,sed ra te went had to go back to 20 for a month,now at 15,will see doc on tues ..there is just so much to write..i also have arthritis in lower back,,herniat ed disk,sciatic nerve damage and last week xrays shows arthirits in left knee, ,just one thing after another.already tried upper dural steroid injections,no use..have to see orthro on wed,.i am just so excited right now..i can hardly w continue on a third page. hope your disablility goes may send this to all..look forward to hea ring from everyone..dr ruderman is a rheumy who was brave enough to attend the ra chat session last week to answer questions..i am on the ra chat on sun nig hts 10 pm..they have been a great bunch..knowing i was looking for someone els e with everyone tell me about you ...glad to meet everyone..till later..

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